Music is in the roots of Capoeira. The music dictates the Capoeira game and gives the capoeiristas guidance and energy to perform. The music tells stories about Capoeira history, myths, mestres or comments on the current game. On this page you will find a variety of music: ladainhas, corridos & maculele. Feel free to add your own song/cantiga/lyrics with or without translation to this music page.

♫ NEW: audio files available for online listening and download as MP3 ♫
Many people struggle with learning new songs, especially if you are not a native speaker of Portuguese. These audiofiles are designed to help with that. They follow the exact lyrics on this site and should be easy to follow along. The songs are sung by me, Pirulito. I’m a capoeirista from the Netherlands (student of Mestre Vladimir and Contra-Mestre Verminoso of the Batuque Capoeira Group). Disclaimer: Portuguese is not my native language, so the pronunciation may be off in some cases. Feel free to correct me in the comments. If you have a request for a certain song (either in or outside of the list), feel free to drop me an email at pirulito -at-

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