Rodrigo Zerlotti


Mestre Rodrigo Zerlotti 


Group: Capoeira Evolução

Country: USA (North-America)

City: Austin, TX

Birthday: 0000-00-00

Day of death: 0000-00-00


Image: ../mestres/images/fgmestrezerlotti.jpg

About Mestre Rodrigo Zerlotti

Rodrigo Zerlotti began to practice capoeira at the age of thirteen in his home city of Campinas, Sau Paulo state, Brazil. His teacher, Mestre Wilton Pereira, studied under the famous mestre, Suassuna, who was himself a student of Mestre Bimba. Rodrigo received the title Contra-Mestre in 1989 and began teaching his own class shortly after. In 1993 Rodrigo brought his capoeira to Austin, Texas – becoming the first capoeira teacher to live and teach in the state. In 1996, during a return trip to Brazil, he was awarded the title of Mestre.


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