Nestor Capoeira


Mestre Nestor Capoeira 


Group: Grupo Senzala

Country: Brazil (South-America)

City: Rio de Janeiro

Birthday: 1946-09-29

Day of death: 0000-00-00


Image: ../mestres/images/nestorcapoeira.jpg

About Mestre Nestor Capoeira

Nestor Capoeira was the main character in one of the first Capoeira films (Cordão de Ouro). He wrote three books (O Pequeno manual do jogador/Little Capoeira Book, Os fundamentos da malicia/The roots of the dance-fight-game and Galo já Cantou) and a novel (A balada do noivo-da-vida e veneno da madrugada) of which the Little Capoeira Book is published in several languages. He also made a cd (Capoeira, os fundamentos da malicia/Capoeira roots of the dance-fight-game). He was a pioneer to teach Capoeira abroad and came to Europe in 1971 to teach Capoeira at the London School of Contemporary Dance.


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